Orcas Island Events

A look at all the great events on Orcas Island and the San Juan Islands

Professor Daniel Kammen speaks on our ‘Low-Carbon Future’

(Sunday, October 7; 2 pm @ Orcas Center)

Professor Daniel Kammen

Professor Daniel Kammen will present “Energizing the Low-Carbon Future”.  In “Energizing the Low-Carbon Future,” Dr. Kammen will explore innovations in and barriers to building renewable energy systems worldwide, from villages to large regional economies. He will focus on tools and technologies already available, such as measures to improve energy efficiency throughout the economy, as well as others needed to battle for a sustainable planet. His ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions substantially throughout the world and thereby combat global climate changes threatening our future. Tickets are $10 and available at Darvill’s Bookstore, online at www.orcascrossroads.org or at the door. Some complimentary tickets are available in advance at the Senior Center. 


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