Orcas Island Events

A look at all the great events on Orcas Island and the San Juan Islands

It feels so good to get Blasted on Orcas Island

Are you lonely this weekend?  Feeling the week is slipping you by?  Well, don’t despair … the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce’s weekly Email Blast may just be the answer for you!

You’ll find music and food and dance and classes and deals and steals and … (you get the picture) in the Blast!  You can sign up to receive our weekly email, or you see it right on that amazing World Wide Internet Webby thing.  Believe it or not, just click Here and you will be transported to a rundown of the San Juan Islands, and specifically Orcas Island … and all its great stuff.

When you’re done watching TV, just open the computer thingy and start searching for the Blast!  You won’t be sorry!

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