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Orcas Island Eco-Fest and Solar Science Fair

We are excited to announce that the Funhouse on Orcas Island will be hosting the first ever “Island Eco-Fest and Solar Science Fair” on Saturday, August 6th.

We invite participation from a wide variety of individuals, groups and businesses with table displays, outdoor booths and hands-on demonstrations of stuff like:

  • Renewable energy technologies (PV, wind, microhydro, solar thermal, tidal power, biomass/biogas, and more…)
  • Energy awareness, efficiency and conservation – educational displays & activities, innovative products and services
  • Organic farming, permaculture, aquaculture, livestock
  • Transportation – Electric and hybrid vehicles, alternative fuels, biodiesel, sail and human power
  • “Green Living” and “Green Building” designs, ideas, techniques and products
  • Recycling, ‘Up-cycling’, re-use and waste reduction
  • “Homebrew” solar science experiments and displays of DIY technology and energy projects
  • Appropriate technology of all types
  • Water use, conservation and rainwater harvesting techniques
  • Locally produced and value-added products
  • Business displays from contractors and service providers
  • Island scale approaches to the post-petroleum future:  sustainability, food security and local self-reliance

Indoor table space for kids and amateur adults is free with pre-registration.   Professionals and businesses can reserve tables and outdoor booth space for a $50 entry fee.

Fabulous prizes for Science Fair presentations and displays!   Categories for kids, adults and commercial entries.

NOW is the time to start planning your projects and displays!   With questions or to reserve your spot contact the Funhouse @ 376-7177 or  Eric at 376-6842 or ericyoungren@gmail.com

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